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Показывать этапы от идеи до воплащения

Показывать этапы от идеи до воплащения

Do you sometimes feel that all websites look the same? In this post, we compiled web design showcases that prove differently. They highlight some of the finest web designs, well-crafted experiences, and delightful interactions from across the web. Inspiration is guaranteed.

Design inspiration! Where do you find interesting websites? Here’s a list of showcases that we frequently visit for inspiration.

No matter if you’re looking for effective, unpretentious designs, websites that have that extra bit of fun built-in, examples of good e-commerce UX, interaction scenarios, or if you want to leave your own comfort zone and dive deeper into designs that go beyond the Latin writing system, you’ll surely find something in this post to tickle your ideas. Happy browsing!

Japanese Design

The web spans the entire globe, however, when we talk about web design, the examples usually revolve around the 26 characters of the Latin alphabet. Other writing systems are often not part of the discussion — with the effect that a lot of brilliant websites stay unnoticed for a lot of us. Time to change that. If you’re up for a journey through Japanese web design, Responsive Web Design JP is for you. The examples in the collection shine with a unique lightness and concentration on the essential, and, even if you don’t master Japanese, you can browse the showcase by technique.

Design Made In Germany 

Design Made In Germany compiles the best design work from German agencies and designers. Apart from covering website design, there are also collections featuring stellar pieces of brand design, print design, packaging, logos, posters, movies, typefaces, and illustrations.

Dark Mode Design

Dark Mode Design showcases beautifully designed websites that are either exclusively in dark mode or have the ability to switch. Wonderful examples that dark mode is not an add-on to a “regular” light design but a style with lots of creative possibilities.

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